Talent Management & Consultancy

We work around the clock to put our clients in a position to make their dreams come true. Our past and present work includes L’ORM, Day Schwartz, Michka, Rock Bokeka, Mpho Masiu, Zinaro, Payseen, Chamberlain Y, Stephane Deffo, Nkuly Ree, Djanny B. Boy, Jargokush, Pearly Sane, Pony Tailah, Ludatee & Pounce, and more.

Music Publishing

We are home to some of the best and brightest writers and producers in the African music industry. Roddi’s Publishing clients find themselves in the perfect position to create music for the biggest artists in the continent. Clients include L’ORM, Michka, Stephane Deffo and Rock Bokeka.

Music Video Submission

Getting your music video on major networks is a great tool to create massive brand awareness. We help you on what is needed to ensure that your video meets television requirements to get placed. Contact us today!

Video Content Distribution

We help independent owners, developers, and licensors in the distribution of quality programmes to both domestic and international markets, across all genres, to broadcasters, streaming services, and festivals.

Artist Biography Writing

Who is the person behind their craft? Every artist should have a solid biography to paint the right picture for their fans and followers. It’s an important piece to have when conducting business. Get started today.

Recording Studio

Our audio recording facility offers services such as radio, podcast, TV, corporate, audio-visual and broadcast post-production Audio Editing, and beats and sound/SFX design. We also have conference call facilities which can be used to record interviews.