Pearly Sane

Pearly Sane

The multi-talented and God-fearing queen is here! Pearly Sane dropped her first single at age 13 performing at show grounds and calabashes. Moghel has been dropping rhymes in the form of poetry since she was in high school. She mostly sings afro-pop and hip hop but describes her sound as RnB infused with African and ekasi flavours. Pearly released the track No Beda featuring Scoobynero and Naycha as well as Knock on The Door featuring Payseen.


The artist’s talent is in her blood as she has two brothers who are also in the industry, one is a producer and the other is a DJ. “The way I love music is insane!” Pearly has always been determined to realise her dreams and left the comfort of home to pursue her career. “Music kept coming back to me. I had this hunger in me and that’s when I decided to leave Rustenburg to go to Joburg for opportunities.” 


Sticking to her dream, Pearly is determined to make big in the music industry. “I sing about coming from the bottom… I want to inspire people and touch them through music. I want people to know what I’ve been through.” 


She’s currently recording and collaborating with other artists. The musician is adamant that she wants to drop more songs so people can know who she is. “In the next five years I will be the biggest selling artist in South Africa. I will be travelling the world and helping my family.”


In addition to singing, she modelled for DMD clothing, Money Maker Clothing (Namibia), Fear No Man Clothing by the awards winning Ghana designer Kulaperry, Payseen, Scoobynero and Naycha.


September 24, 2014


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