Meet Payseen! This African citizen started making music in 2010 as songwriter and continued to fully release singles. He’s just dropped an LP titled Tales of A Badman.


Being a multi-talented artist, Payseen is a writer and singer and he includes new school genres. Trap to trap soul, RnB to Afro beat, house, and rap, you name it! 


With his sound; “My sound is the vibe” as he likes to put it himself, it takes a real music lover to relate to Payseen music. One can’t go wrong with what he brings to the table. And that music is influenced by his environment, life experiences, friends and family.Tales of A Badman has 16 tracks and is available in all music online stores.


Star Mega jam Nigeria, Lagos city Carnival, Pop Bottles, are some of the most notable shows the talented artist played in. He’s currently travelling cities shooting music videos, recording more sound and working on new collaborations. But his plan is to start co-directing music videos.


Payseen is associated with big names in the music industry including; Skwatta Kamp, Ltido, Scooby Nero, JargoKush , TAE, Eminent Fam, Amukelani, Tuck Shop Bafanaz, and more.


Connect with Payseen on Social Media via:

Facebook: badman payseen/payseen

Instagram: @badman_payseen

Twitter: @badman_payseen


September 24, 2014