How to submit your music video on Channel O – Part 1

07 Jul How to submit your music video on Channel O – Part 1

If you’re one of those who wonder what to do to get their music video on Channel O, this video is for you.

For those of you who don’t know, Channel O is a Johannesburg based music TV station, which is available on Dstv channel 320. Channel O has been around since 1997 (23 years). It’s basically the first TV music channel in Africa, and it broadcasts a variety of music videos.

So, if you would like to get your music video on Channel O, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Point on “Contact Us”, a drop-down menu will appear
  3. Click on Music Video Submissions.
  4. Download both documents: (a) Rights Consent Form, and (b) Technical Specification.
  5. Fill in and sign the Rights Consent Form.
  6. Get yourself a new memory stick and put your music video in it.
  7. Make sure that your memory stick is readable by both Mac and Windows PC. All you have to do is to format it using exFAT filesystem. Your video editor or director should know about this.
  8. Put both the memory stick and the Rights Consent Form in an envelope.
  9. Write clearly “MUSIC VIDEO SUBMISSION TO CHANNEL O”, and also your name and contact details, just in case.
  10. Drop it at any MulltiChoice offices in your city.

Then cross your fingers hoping that your music video will be accepted.

Guess what! Channel O gives chance to anyone, as long as your video is good quality. They have shows or segments, in which they feature new videos by any artists. 

Maybe you would say, I did just that but I have never seen my video played. Or they played it only once or twice, then they never played it again.

There are things you have to do before and after submitting your video to Channel O:

  1. Make sure that your recording is commercial
  2. Make sure that your song is on the street before you submit your video to Channel O.
  3. After submitting your video, make sure that your brand is doing well on social media.